Are You A Dancing Dad Or A Couch Potato?

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With the growing popularity of reality TV shows, becoming a TV celebrity has become a reachable goal. Everyone can show off and impress an entire country with their special skills. Mums and dads, as well as their children can compete in whatever they know how to do best. There are cooking shows, dancing shows, singing contests and many other competitions that can be watched live on television.

However, it’s not enough to think that you can just win a contest. You do need to have some skills, so you have to train in the desired discipline before you go up on the stage to impress the judges or an entire country.

Are you really a dancing dad?dad and son

Why not get together with like minded people and take up dancing as a hobby. This is a good start and get’s you up off the couch. An other great idea would be to involve your children. It is a great way to bond with your kids, so why not consider taking some dance lessons. There are many private studios that welcome adults and children alike, You could even bring Mum along and train together as a family. It is not too hard, but you have to find a way to persuade everyone to practice, and in a short space of time you could have your own little dance troupe.

Nonetheless, even if you won’t become dancing pros, you can still have a lot of fun and enjoy quality time together with your family. It is very important for children that their parents spend as much time with them as possible. Unfortunately, many of us have to work very long hours and we come back home exhausted and ready to eat and get to sleep. Our children are the victims of this modern society which doesn’t allow for spending a lot of time together with our beloved ones outside weekends. As chores and errands also need to be done on weekends, it’s easy to see that our children are deprived on this time spent together with their parents.

Are you a couch potato?

Did you know that according to recent studies, physical inactivity causes more than 37,000 deaths a year. If we can aim for 2 to 3 hours or more a week, we could help to become a fitter nation. So aim for a little boogie with your family 30 mins a day and you will be surprised how much fun and laughter you can bring into the home. Give it a go, yo have nothing to lose!

Dancing, singing and other forms of art are very good for the development of children, so it’s wise to have them try these creative activities as early as possible in life. Besides, if you can win a national content with your talents, why not do it?

You could always use some extra cash to buy things you like but you don’t need.

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