It All Started with A Christmas Jumper

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Remember a time that many wouldn’t dare to wear a Christmas jumper?

The stares that you would get, sniggering family members embarrassed kids all shying away from reindeer horns or frosty the snowman’s corn cob pipe, button nose, and two eyes made of coal.

Something has changed, the jumpers have been around for a while but what was the catalyst that helped to make the Xmas Jumper cool?
Well there was and online advert, five middle aged Men wearing Christmas jumpers busting Hip Hop moves to a funky mix of the sugar plum fairy. 

If you didn’t witness it, it was a advert for Sainsbury’s featuring Old Men Grooving aka OMG, Once posted online the advert went viral accumulating 1 million views in a few day’s! According to media reports, Sainsbury’s Christmas jumper sales were boosted by 120%

These Men suddenly made it cool for us all including Dad’s and Grandad’s to a Christmas Jumper.

Well guess what . . .

The group went on to star in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent  securing 4th place.

The video has over 22 and a half million veiws!!!

And as David Walliams said
“You’ve suddenly made Dad’s dancing cool”

Old Men Grooving Went International . . .

OMG were invited to bring Dad dancing to The Bellagio in Las Vegas, and represented Great Britain for the British Tourist Board in Mexico.
The Dad dancing group have been travelling up and down the country performing at private and coporate events and even made an appearance at The British Grand Prix and The rugby world cup. they have supported various charities such as The Spiderman Ball in Newcastle and will be performing at the Butterfly Ball 2016.

After opening the ITV gala at the London Palladium recently, Old Men Grooving have been asked to perform on ITV’s Text Santa on the 18th of December 2015 which happens to be…..National Christmas Jumper day!

text santaText Santa is an initiative encouraging the nation to raise money for charity and works in partnership with the Macmillan Cancer Support, Make-A-Wish UK and Save the Children.

So Realness family and OMG friends, it is official the Christmas jumper is cool!

Get yours on and join the festive groove!

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I love to dance . . . . . . it is a form of communication that helps us to improve our social interaction. As 1/5 of the successful dance group from Britains Got Talent, "Old men Grooving". I also teach dance technique and dance health at East London University.