How To Regain Your Cool As A Dancing Dad

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Have you lost your Daddy Cool?dancing-dad-listen-to-music

. . .  and do you like music?


If the answer to that question is yes, can you remember the last time you had fun on the dance floor?

what kind of excuses do you naturally and consistently have for not getting out there and cutting some shapes?  Now is the time to let go and regain your Daddy Cool!

Excuse no. 1- I just don’t have rhythm!

If you think this is you and deep down you have a love for music but the confidence to execute your rhythm is way in the background. It would make good sense to have a solution to combat this and make your rhythm come alive.

Here’s an answer. . .

Find music that you like to listen to and have a think about what moves you and energises you in that particular song.  Is it the vocal or are there certain sounds that you like? Find the hook (that’s the part of the song that repeats and gets you singing it way after it has finished playing).

Is the hook going over and over again in your head?

Try the following in my realness Groove Lesson:-

Groove Lesson 1 – Tap Tap Tap!

Try tapping your foot to the pattern of the thing that you like. As you are tapping your foot hum or whistle in time with your foot tapping.

Groove Lesson 2 – Find The Beat

Stand up and walk to the beat (not necessarily like John Travolta).  However if that is what you feel then so be it!  A Point to remember is that everything has a rhythm even walking!

 . . . . You are already on your way to becoming a Dad Dancer.

Groove Lesson 3 – Dance Classes

Why not pop down to your local dance studio? There are so many different types of classes around, look for one that really excites you. Bring a mate and get stuck in, It will be a laugh and a fun way to keep fit!

Excuse no.2 – I don’t want to embarrass my family.

Seriously? . . .
Firstly this is about you regaining your cool, and remember if Dad’s happy everyone is happy. Smiling face with open mouth and tightly closed eyes its a euphoric state that only Dads will know. You have the power to be infectious with your energy, don’t ever think that you don’t. Once again be confident.

cd player

Groove Lesson 4 – Play Music at Home

Why not get into the habit of playing music at home? Music is often used to set the mood for many different occasions

having a little music on at home can help to set a relaxing atmosphere that could be great for all of the family. Why not go through your favourite songs and find a few that get you in the zone. Remember if you happen to play that track you will off dancing like nobody is watching.

Groove Lesson 5 – Get Your Family Involved

Getting your family involved is easier than you think, simple games like musical chairs or name that instrument could be a fun way to involve your family and have music, movement and fun as a permanent fixture in your home.

Click below for a fun book.

Dad Dancing: A Guide for Embarrassing Dads Everywhere

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I love to dance . . . . . . it is a form of communication that helps us to improve our social interaction. As 1/5 of the successful dance group from Britains Got Talent, "Old men Grooving". I also teach dance technique and dance health at East London University.