Juice For Energy and Dance For Life

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This is very important . . . to help with your nutrition for dance

In today’s hectic lifestyle nutrition is often rushed and seldom thought about.  We have all heard of the saying ‘you are what you eat’ so I would like to share some information on Organic fruits and vegetables and ‘superfoods’.

The term ‘Superfood’ refers to foods that are nutritionally rich and are recognised for their health promoting properties. These foods help to give us longer lasting energy by keeping our blood sugar levels steady unlike foods containing refined sugar or caffeine.

Keep an eye on The Realness Blog for recipe ideas and how you can make tasty juices, with an insight into the benefits of each ingredient.

Aim to prepare or pick up some fresh organic fruits and vegetables and snack on them throughout the day to keep you energised and alert.

Remember to continue doing what we love we have to stay fit and healthy. We are what we eat so let’s start today and dance with the power of Juice!

Today’s funky Juice recipe!

Realness Green Supreme

Kale for juicing


  • Apple=cleanses the digestive system, & great for the immune system, eliminates mucus.
  • Pear steady blood sugar riser, eliminates mucus
  • Cucumber= good for kidney and bladder infections, counteracts toxins, great for the skin, hair hydrates body, helps to break down proteins and diuretic. 
  • Kale= eases lung congestion, cleanses the digestive system, rich in calcium, iron, & vitamin A.


Put in your juicer then drink! No messing here . . 🙂

After effects:

Feel full of energy but don’t forget to wash up!

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I love to dance . . . . . . it is a form of communication that helps us to improve our social interaction. As 1/5 of the successful dance group from Britains Got Talent, "Old men Grooving". I also teach dance technique and dance health at East London University.