Preparing For Dancing Auditions

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Some Tips For Preparing For Dance Auditions

Dance auditionThere was a time when dancers did not have many career opportunities but things have changed a lot especially with the rising popularity of dance programs on TV. Dancers also have opportunities to win special dance scholarships as well as get a role in a music video. One thing that is required to get into a college dance program or a role in one of the music videos is to ace a dance audition.

A dance audition is a perfect opportunity for you to present your dancing ability performance, technique and personality to the judges. There are a number of things to consider when you are preparing for a dance audition.

Preparation . . .

  • Preparation involves deliberate practice on the dance style required at the audition and having a strong solo ready to perform if needed.
  • Making sure you know you way to the studio and making sure you arrive early, remember that you are on show as soon as you arrive!
  • Bringing the appropriate attire to dance in and also warm clothing as you may have to wait around after performing (active muscles like to be warm)

Get a Good Photo . . .

In most of the dance auditions, you will be required to submit a headshot. It is usually an 8 x 10″ photo of your face. Sometimes, dancers prefer to submit a full body photograph highlighting their flexibility or dancing strengths. This headshot is usually kept by the casting director in case they plan to hire you or call you again for another audition.

Prepare a CV or Resume . . .

In terms of paperwork, another thing that you need to keep ready is your resume. It should include various accomplishments in addition to your contact information and name. You should also include various dance schools that you attended in addition to any other accomplishments that should be there in the resume.

Do not forget to list down various companies for which you have worked. You should also list down your weight, height as well as color of hair on the resume as some of the employers may need that information.

Arrive Early . . .

It is important that you arrive several minutes early. It will give you enough time to warm up before your audition begins. Stretch your muscles after warming up to keep them flexible. Feeling nervous during an audition is normal keeping active with help to remain focussed.

Keep Calm . . .

It is important to keep calm and be confident during the performance. In most of the cases, you will be asked to learn a dance routine on the spot and perform it for the judges. It will be easier for you to learn a new routine and perform it if you are relaxed.

Overall, preparing for dance auditons is similar to preparing for a job interview. Keep everything ready and keep calm to ace your dance audition.

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