Street Dance Classes – All You Need To Know

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Most of us listen to music and enjoy different musical genres. such as Soul, Hip Hop, Funk and many more. The love of music’s a great reason as to why you could have a few dance classes as part of your weekly exercise regime.  

Getting Started

If you love to make your body move to the beat then most dance classes in London will get you going. Dancing will expose your body into various challenges since the movements performed can strengthen and tone an array of different muscles to the beat. 

Dancing is excellent exercise however if it has been a while, why not also think about joining a gym? This way you can ease your way back into exercise and make your dance experience more enjoyable. Look out for great exercises that I will be posting on the Realness blog that you could do in the comfort of your own home.

breakdancePick your style!

There has been a lot of media attention recently with TV shows such as ‘Got to dance’ and ‘Britain’s got Talent’  this has been an excellent boost to the various studios in London. There is a variety of dance styles to choose from Locking, Popping, Bboying, Krump, vogue dance, House dance and Waacking.

Give it a go!

London has a variety of teachers who have traveled extensively to learn and study the various styles. Finding these teachers would be an excellent way to start your journey into learning the correct vocabulary and history associated with each style. It is a good idea to go down to the studio and view the class that you think that you might be interested in. Have a chat to the teacher explaining what you would like to achieve, This would give you a good feel for the class and the teacher. Always remember dancing should be fun!




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I love to dance . . . . . . it is a form of communication that helps us to improve our social interaction. As 1/5 of the successful dance group from Britains Got Talent, "Old men Grooving". I also teach dance technique and dance health at East London University.