The benefits of teaching kids how to dance.

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dance moves for kidsFor many years within the Arts, dance alongside art, drama and music, have played an integral part in education. Street dance however has never been fully recognised as being important to young peoples development. As street dance and hip hop play a big part in youth culture, I feel it is a great way to help young people gain more confidence and physical awareness.

I believe that by teaching the physical language of street dance skills – such as balance, coordination, Flexibility – core strength, stability and aerobic fitness will be enhanced. Dance is creative, and can develop individuality and self-confidence. Equally, working in groups boosts social skills, by encouraging communication and integration in today’s multicultural society.
Recent information from the Chief Medical officers says that 51% of children fail to reach the daily target for young people.

Regular moderate intensity physical activity such as walking, cycling, or participating in sports has a significant benefit for health.

Unfortunately our kids are seldom interested in these activities and as a result child obesity is now at an all time high.

We should aim to get our kids moving and balancing social networking with physical exercise, which could have a significant benefit for health.

By encouraging them to dance we can help our kids and others to stay fit, healthy and happy. I am sure that you would agree that this is an excellent aim for a bright future.

I get it, but what style should we choose ?

The main aim is to get young people moving and enjoying themselves,

a good start is to listen with your kids to their favourite songs.

Most popular music can be associated to a particular movement from a toe tap to a head nod.

There is plenty of dance on the box so a good idea is to watch TV together and have a chat,

About the dance styles that look like they could be fun.

Why not have a go yourself ?

The great thing about all of the styles associated with street dance is that there are usually no age restrictions.

It is quite common to see people of all ages and from all walks of life right next to you in class!

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I love to dance . . . . . . it is a form of communication that helps us to improve our social interaction. As 1/5 of the successful dance group from Britains Got Talent, "Old men Grooving". I also teach dance technique and dance health at East London University.